Zeke's injunction vacated; New appeal coming

12 October 2017

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated Ezekiel Elliott's temporary injunction, thereby reinstating his suspension, though Elliott is expected to immediately file a new appeal.
In the words of the Dallas Morning News' Katie Hairopoulos, the NFL "wins this round," but Elliott will seek a new injunction from the Southern District of New York. It's unclear what his odds are of getting it. At least for now, Elliott's six-game suspension is free to take hold, but things could be different by this time next week. The Cowboys are on bye for Week 6. In a league prone to opaque legal sagas, Elliott's is setting a new standard. If Elliott's suspension actually does take hold for Week 7, Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden would likely form a committee. Morris is probably the slightly better add. The truth is, there is zero clarity.

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