Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said "it’s reasonable to assume there is a chance [Ben Roethlisberger] is going to be back, certainly."

13 January 2021

You won't find more tortured coach-speak if you dedicated your life to finding it. The takeaway from Tomlin's carefully phrased comment is that no one really knows whether Roethlisberger, 38, will play out his contract, which ends after the 2021 season. He appeared emotional at the end of Pittsburgh's Wild Card loss to Cleveland, but didn't address his 2021 status after throwing four interceptions against the Browns. Roethlisberge's adjusted yards per attempt has plummeted over the past couple seasons and he appeared to struggle with accuracy at times in 2020, coming off elbow surgery. The Steelers would certainly make one more run with Roethlisberger if he's willing to give it another go in 2021. 

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