Broncos head coach Sean Payton said the team would “reduce the verbiage” in offensive play calling.

19 September 2023

The Broncos struggled to get to the line of scrimmage in a timely manner during their Week 2 loss to the Commanders, and Payton was forced to use multiple timeouts to avoid delay of game penalties. “I think, No. 1, the first thing that we always try to look at -- but we have to do a better job of as coaches -- is reduce the verbiage,’' Payton said Monday, adding that Russell Wilson would perhaps wear a wristband with play calls on it. He said the team would try to “get to the line of scrimmage spontaneously” in the coming weeks. Wilson and the Broncos struggled with this very issue during their disastrous 2022 season, often failing to get a play in on time. Wilson has drawn criticism for giving pep talks in the huddle while the play clock winds down. Payton’s frustration with Wilson and the offense has been plain to see through two weeks of the regular season.

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